I actually looked at that article

By: Java

And dug DEEP to see if there was any indication of the crowd?  You know how they always list the crowd size for any sporting event?  I look around for this one and nowhere to be found.  we live in such a PC world that media bends over BACKWARDS to make it seem like women and men's sports are equal.  That people beyond lesbians and drag queens are interested in the WNBA.  They're not.


Oh, here it is  12,800 attended Game 5, final winner take all.  In MINNESOTA where there is nothing else to do.  12,800 in an arena that likely hold 20,000.  World champion of women's basketball and you can get a ticket for $1 from scalpers 5 minutes after tipoff.


Average attendance this year?  7,600.   6th lowest in their history.  

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