I saw that but here's two things that

By: Java

Get me.  Cody Bellinger?  No way LA does that.  He's the replacement for Adrian Gonzalez and is goign to save LA $20 million a year when Gonzo moves on after 18.  So i don't see that happening.  Bellinger is going to be in AAA this year and may need another year between LA and AAA, especially if Gonzo is all banged up in 2018.  


Kinsler is 34.  HELLO?  He also has two years left on his deal and last year was a bounce back.  Guys don't get better after 34.  Plus a trade means they would owe him for THREE more years.   Perhaps they could guarantee 2018 and give him an option for 2019 with a $1 million buyout or something.  Tigers want to get younger and cheaper.  THat should motivate them to get rid of his contract.  I'm not buyign the idea that in addition to the money spent LA ALSO has to give up a top level prospect here.


But the idea of trading a top prospect for him?  Nah.  

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