Dodgers playing a dangerous game of

By: Java

Chicken. They could pay a lot of money and get Jansen back. Rumors are the marlins want Kenley. Which makes no sense since they aren't a big market team and a top closer is an expensive luxury. Look at who pays closers a lot of money. Boston. Nationals. New York. La. Chicago. Duh. So anyway LA could sign him. But LA is enamored with draft picks. Wants a pick. Let Jansen walk and you get one. Sign chapman or melancon and you don't have to give up one. Both were traded mid season so that new rule means teams don't have to give up a pick to sign them. So all things being equal? Dodgers would prefer to sign melancon or chapman and get the pick for Jansen. Scouts prefer Chapman's angular body over Jansens bulky body. I prefer Jansens movement on his ball to Chapman's firepower. Movement lasts longer than velocity. Doomsday scenario is if the dodgers drag this on and lose Jansen. Then can't sign either chapman or melancon
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