OK, so that is huge

By: Java

Not a bad number.  Dodgers got him for the same amount per year they are paying 36 year old Rich Hill.  What this now means is that they have Justin Turner cornered.  He's the one who has fewer options.  So they either trade the prospects they've been collection for 2B and 3B answers or Turner signs a similar deal to Jansen.  Little stupid really.  I guess Chapman wasn't coming to California with their Domestic Violence laws.  Otherwise it would make sense to sign him and then get a draft pick when Hansen leaves.  At least this will make the fans happy and Kenley should be effective until his mid 30's.  Relivers don't break down quite like starters.  Rivera pitched till he was 40.  As did Lee Smith, Trevor Hoffman etc.   This is presuming Jansen isn't juicing like Gagne.  Once he went off the stuff, Goggles was done.  



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