My opinion is that

By: Java

Van Slyke, Thompson and Ethier are garbage.  And with Thompson's solid half year they should trade him now while he has ANY value.  He will have none soon.  


Either is finished.  Van Slyke has never been good.  And Thompson hit better for LA than he ever did in the minors.  How anyone with his offensive numbers got promoted through Minor leageu baseball is beyond me.  


Toles I hope isnt Dee Gordon.  He doesn't hae much power, runs well, and doesn't walk.  At all.  I'd like to either see more power or more walks and thus higher OBP


Since they can't dump Ethier's contract, I expect they will platoon him in right with Puig


They signed Van Slyke in the winter and I said "WHAT? "  Huh?  The guy can back up at 1BG and I suppose that's his appeal.  Toles can play CF so Van Slyke can play left, right or 1B.  


You also Kike Hernandez who can roam around, assuming he makes the roster.  He's fallen from grace fast.  Just goes to show you can't make a living anymore JUST hitting the fastball.  


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