Rob Segedin will also probably

By: Torpedoman

be in the mix as both an IF and corner OF's.  

Trayce T was hitting the crap out of the ball until he injured his back (had surgery) and tried to hide it to stay in the lineup as long as possible, but he finally had to succumb to the D/L. I think he and SVS are both either platooners or trade fodder. I'd expected SVS to get traded in the offseason, still might, especially as they now have Darin Ruff to backup 1B (Segedin can also play 1B)..

Toles looks like the real deal and his power will come. He's an extra base hitting machine, makes great contact and his ops was @880 in his cup of coffee which only gave him @100AB's His arm is just slightly less that Puig's and has already had a couple of sweet assists from both LF and RF. Toles can also fill in CF if necessary. 

If AE doesn't kill it in spring training I think they are going to eat his last contract year, like they are doing with Carl Crawford.

Little known factoid here.. Kike was devastated by his fathers painful and slow death just before last season. His grief was affected in his play. I think that one of the most ignorant moves the FO made was to have added him to the NLCS roster after they eliminated the Nat's.. (vice Culberson)..  I think if he doesn't kill it in Spring also, he might get the DFA.

Wierd to me that Puig's name has been off the hotstove all offseason. I was certain that they'd washed their hands of this massive child. It would not surprise me if Puig ends up in a deal somewhere. I doubt that they could possibly trust that guy anymore.


I'm totally ready for Baseball, even without the great Vinny..... 

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