He had an epic day yesterday.

By: Dr. Spock

From what I heard on the radio, Tebow struck out twice and grounded into a double play.  He got on base after being hit by a pitch but got picked off first. 

Oh, and prior to his first at bat, Tebow warmed up in the wrong on deck circle.

From MSN:

"It was embarrassing what Tebow did before his first at-bat against righthander Rick Porcello, strolling toward the Red Sox’ on-deck circle, clueless about where to go.

Porcello caught a glimpse of him and thought Tebow was a Mets ball boy. Collins said jokingly that he thought Tebow was going to shake hands with Red Sox bench coach Gary DiSarcina. Mets first base coach Tom Goodwin and plate umpire Ryan Additon had to order Tebow back.

And Tebow?

“I kind of thought, ‘You walk around because you’re a lefthander.’ I found out that you don’t do that.”
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