So. 5 hours after the start of the dodger

By: Java

Game la allows the winning run to steal 3 w no throw. Jansen doesn't hold people on. And with Rizzo up you have s righty lefty situation. Not to mention a dangerous hitter. All you need is one out Why are you not walking rizzo? You can now even do it w a wave. Pitch to either one of the guys following him. Oh they'll use a ph you say? Fine. Is he a better hitter than rizzo? Doubtful. How many lefties did they have on the bench at that point? Probably no more than one So burn him. Walk rizzo and if there is a lefty walk him too. Tada. Done. Now you face a righty with Jansens cutter and you play ball. Unless Jansen does better against lefties I don't get that. In addition even so I wouldn't pitch to rizzo. So the dodgers of course give up a single and the game. Big waste of a good p performance by Alex wood.
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