Actually it was a crap shoot for Roberts

By: Torpedoman

either way. After Jansen K's Bryant on 3 nasty pitches. it was either going to be Rizzo or the cleanup guy Zobrist. BOTH are slumping with each hitting in the .170's.. Rizzo just got lucky and hit a mistake the other way. What really killed the Dodgers was the two unearned runs because of Puig and then Woods errors, coupled with LA blowing no outs, bases juiced in the 7th.

Interesting thoughts on the early attempts to find a way to beat LHP's thus far.. Kike hitting .143 with zero hits vs LHPs, Gutierrez .230 but pulled a hammy. SVS .200., Puig 0-13 vs LHP but cant hit from in the middle of the order. All his RBI's are from his 3 HR's. Forsythe is going pretty good as is Turner, but JT could have a quad strain.. not sure the extent as of today. Last thing. Home Plate Ump "Holbrook" I believe, called the worst (balls/strikes) game I've ever seen on TV. His ONLY consistency was that he screwed both teams!




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