It was sick watching these guys look

By: Torpedoman

at strike 3 with risp... or groundouts/DP's etc seemingly every time they had a chance to score.  

Philosophically, PUIG cannot hit in the clutch. His primary RBI comes from HR's.. Roberts had him in the 5 hole and SVS in the 4 hole today.. worthless!  You cannot win with that kind of alignment. With SvS.. he cannot seem to even make contact unless there's no one on base. His body language is too laid back also.. infuriates me.   With Puig, he has it all, accept between the ears. His exhuberance short circuits his fucking brain. In the 7-8holes he is usually not having to hit clutch and he relaxes and can produce or wait for his pitch. In the meat of the order, he wants to hit a 6run homer on strike 1. I honestly believe that the FO is praying for him to hit a hot streak.. to bump his value.. for a mid season trade..   KIKE has to go! another worthless sub-in! 

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