Dodgers are done giving long term packages

By: Torpedoman

anymore. Maybe 1 exception might happen but for the most part those long term gigs are not going to happen with this FO. The Crawford and Ethier contracts ends it after this season's over. 

The talking heads were mentioning that Greinke was pitching to avoid contact on Friday, instead of challenging the hitters with his heat. That makes me think that there's a problem with his command of veloicity?  There is also a mental thing there.. He was dominating while being on a staff that already had their ace! Being 'the man' does not sit that well with him from what I've heard. I mean that yeah he's exceptionally talented and all, but the mental part is a factor. He's always been a head case..  All I know for sure is that his performances in Dodger Stadium since leaving here, has his ERA in double digits! The fact that he was supposedly going to come back to LA was only disrupted in the last minutes, by the blow away offer that Derrick Hall came back with. I wonder if he was feeling the cold feet back then, but couldn't turn down that massive contract. I had a feeling that had they Dodgers carried on and pulled the string.. that they could have actually cut a trade deal with the Snakes for Zach at the deadline last season.


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