Most policies

By: Java

Do not cover guys who underperform or under attend.  Most only cover if the player misses either all or a huge consecutive part of the year.  In fact, this kind of injury will leave the Dodgers fully on the hook and drive them up the wall.


Oh, and not all contracts are insured.  Just could not afford that.


Maybe they should do what I suggested last year with Urias, Stripling, etc.


Last year they had a bunch of guys who could only go 3-4 innings.  But they DID have nice arms.  I actually suggested they start Urias.  Throw him 3-4.  And warm up Wood, Stripling, or whoever else they had at the time.  And plan for two guys to cover 8 innings.  Frankly it would ahve taken a major strain on the pen one day a week and turned it into an 8 inning outing by your starters.  


With their rotation last year and this, they could still do that.


Their challenge right now is that Hill is hurt.  Maeda is not effective, and so far neither is Ryu.  


Mc Carthy has been excellent and Kershaw is same as usual.


Urias will likely be joining the team in 2-3 weeks.  


Hill's contract is 3 years at $16 mil per.  $12 was way too cheap for what he showed last year.  Then again, he's onl;y showing up 1/3 of the time.  


Problem here is obvious.  Rich Hill as you can see by his career record, is not a Big League pitcher normally.  By digging his fingers hard in and getting maxiumum spin on the curve and using it a ton, he has become effective.  Unfortunately that spin and grip tears up his hands.  If he tries to do ANYTHING else this guy is meat.  I mean dead meat.  My son could rip this guy's fastball to shreds.  


So, what does Rich do?  And did anyone in the DOdger front office think of this before committing $48 MILLION to him?  I did.  I sure did.


Read everything I have ever written on this guy.  There are no shortcuts in this league.  And if you discover something it always always has consequences.  The split finger was the rage and Mike Scott destroyed his arm over it.  Rich Hill loved that hard curve.  Barry Bonds loved that juice.  There is always a piper to pay for shortcuts.  




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