Yes, it was a huge risk.

By: Torpedoman

I assume that they figured the blister issue that temporarily held him down upon his arrival from Oakland was a normal injury that he'd recovered from. So they took the @20 starts, the last 6 for LA (era @2.0) last year with high expectations. I doubt that there were any expectations that the blisters would become a lingering issue. Maybe they wont be down the road. This whole game can become a crapshoot, especially with pitchers. I do scratch my head in wonder that there doesn't seem to be any type of medical procedure to counteract this problem? Others get past it, hopefully Hill can too.

Very doubtful that they score this guy's probable last contract due to his age, for only 2yrs. Only a fool leaves another $16MM out there. Most assuredly that contract is insured.

It is looking like Stripling may have found a nitch as a reliever. He seems to start having command problems into the 2nd time around the lineups. I wonder how diverse his tool box is at this young stage of career.

The best ever move that LA could make right now, would be to lose Chris Hatcher.. It was stunning that Roberts gave him the ball in the 7th inning of a tie game last night. First pitch the game loser HR. He issued up 9 of those last season out of the bully. Total head case with the game on the line. He's lights out electric when the game is no longer in doubt, but has literally zero cajones!

The Segedin call up was finally made. He delivered right away also!  

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