I said that in the off season

By: Java

And in the post season.  You need 3 superior starting pitchers and you need a team that can hit righty and lefty pitchers.  The platoon game doesn't work in the playoffs when the rotation gets shorter and you can use the bullpen to flip lineups, then flip them again.


WHen Forsythe got hit on the toe and they showed the replay I felt it right away.  My left big toenail is black.  Has been since Thanksgiving weekend.  The trials of having sons who are HS pitchers and can throw 80mph.  I missed a low inside pitch.  SLid right under my glove and slammer my toe straight on.  Knew I had broken it right away and the blood filled up under the toenail.  Oddly the nail hasn't fallen off yet, though it's risen up and the whole area is really still very sensitive.  I can however job.  So I still run a 5K every 3-4 days.


So Forsythe just had the same thing.  Not sure if his spikes provided any more toe protection than my tennis shoes.  But I am thinking he's in pain.  I didn't run for probably 4 days, maybe a week.  I am sure they are gonna hold him out for 10 or so.  

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