Notice how Kershaw's vicious curve

By: Torpedoman

ball got hammered, and his command wasn't on, nor were his K's.. when he got clobbered in Coors? Different story here at home as Uncle Charlie was breaking like it fell off a table edge. Bud Black is using his pitching staff different also, basically taking the curve ball away for the most part, from his own staff at home. It's like two specific strategies Home/Away.. Rockies can adapt that by playing half their games there. Other teams are not having their normal success with their braking pitches  because of the small break. I nteresting strategy that Buddy Black is using this early season. 2 and 4 seamer's and change ups.. in Colo.. and changing up with the brreaking stuff on the road.. Hershiser was commenting about how the weekly between starts practice sessions to set up the next opponnent are all geared to some of that philosophy.  

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