Maeda's contract was structured smartly,

By: Torpedoman

in that although being 8yrs, it's a minimal contract loaded with incentives. So if they decide to give up on him, they are out little. He was pretty much Sy Young in J league, but definitely not accustomed to the rigors of MLB. He spent the offseason gaining 10# of muscle and attempted to up his MPH.. now by throwing harder he has lost reliable command of the FB.  Those 16W's were a huge surprise last season. I bet we don't come close to that ever again with him. I agree that MLB has caught up with his money pitch slider. His FB fools no one and speed change pitches are just average imo. His longevity is worrisome to me.

Ryu: had decent game last night. Should have gotten a W. His velocity was reported back at 93 but not so often. His slider to lefty's is especially errant. I think it will be long into the season before he finds the competent command he had prior to the injuries/surgeries . I have hope that he will eventually be ok. They didn't expect what they're getting now, so anything positive to date is just bonus to the FO plans

Kazmir.. stick a fork in that dud! I hated the aquisition from day 1, especially as he sucked at Houston and Oak prior.

Hill: Just hopefully the blisters problem is over, if not stick a fork in him too. Ever notice how his 'creative excuses' and verbal attitude and then his body language, show him in a massive comfort zone? No show of urgency to excell or even compete imo. I'm stunned that Dodgers apparrently never put him on a throwing or other creative type program in the offseason to create/develop callousing on his pitching hand.  The excuses he's come up with thus far border on  phony imo. 

Wood (Stripling too) Both very smart guys,  Great once/maybe twice through the order then probaably done. Their tool boxs are not full enough  to get through the 3rd. time around yet. High prospects imo for both futures.

Urias: struggled first two starts at AAA. 3rd start @96pitches to get through 52/3s. He'll have to grow in the Show, which I hope will happen. I think that they expect him to really develop in this season. Wonder if it'll be sooner than they expected, as our main rotation is so iffy!

Bully: needing 4-8+ innings a night, pitching usually from behind.  Impossible task. less than a month into season and the bully is nearly burnt out. Jansen, far too idle. Even having to survive Hatcher with game on the line situations.   

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