Guiterrez and Segedin will factor and

By: Torpedoman

it's already starting to look like they're going to play musical chairs with the starters and all rest of the staff will be bully by who's ever 'next up'.. 

Maeda earned another start after those 7 tonight. What a gift he gave the team by that performance. I'm beginning to think that his character went out there and made a statement!

Brewers new FO kind of screwed the pooch by keeping Braun this long. They thought his value and their leverage was mpre powerful than it turned out. They could have had Puig and an established reliever or a couple of prospects for Braun at the deadline. They just got greedy. Now the only way they trade him is if they cover a %age of his contract now.. and probably only get a couple of prospects. I sincerely doubt that Friedman trades Puig now.At least not for Braun anyway.. maybe for a #2 starter @ the deadline.


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