Is AGonz hurting the team?

By: Torpedoman

went to ST injured. Compounded it at WBC. Commentators ae now talking about the arm quotes like he's valiantly playing hurt. Never been on the D/L... etc.. 

I think his bat speed, running speed and reactions have continued @ a 3yr decline. His power is to the track. He rarely 'drives' the ball. He can't score from 2B on a basic base hit. He's taking too many strikes now. He's keeping his average above 200 by sacrificing power to occasionally beat the shift. His bat in the middle of the lineup is an inning killer, and now he's even generally failing to even advance runners. He's a groundball out or double play just waiting to happen.. It's frustrating watching big ol #23 waddle jog to 1B 2-3 times a game. His K's are higher than usual as he's struggling to even make contact.. hence the fewer and fewer occasions where he used to drive the gaps or hit the walls, or actually hit HR's..  Tough replacement, Dodgers are praying that Bellinger hits. We do have a handfull of players that play 1B at least. 

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