Obvious signs of decline! So what about

By: Torpedoman

Roberts? and Friedman/Zaidi? are they guilty of bowing to Adrians body of career work with too much respect, by letting him dictate his usage in Spring Training and now into the season, including his rebuking the D.L? How much is too much respect for a pro ballplayer?

I love and respect his career, and understand his massive ego and position of leadership in the locker room, but continuing his insertion in the daily middle of our order is not championship caliber anymore. His D is also not what it used to be.  When possible, I sit him vs LHP, and hit him in the 6-8 slots depending on his matchups.

I'll be the first in line to own it, if he comes alive, but his measure of work over the past 3 seasons tells me different.  

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