LAT's gamer from last night led off with

By: Torpedoman

discussion of his injury status. The crux of the story was that he re injured his back on a day off on april 20 when he bent over to pick up his daughter. The flare up from an original 2016 lumbar injury. So there is the qualifier incase they make a move re: AGonz. He also indicated that although very proud of no D/L stints in his 15yrs career, he would not ba averse to visiting theD/L.  Even Hirshiser in the booth mentioned that Adrian should have handled that ball. He lamented that he should have shut it down in Spring Training (elbow/arm) also. Say what? He was advised not to go play for his brothers Mexican National WBC team but he did anyway.. Went 0-12 with with multiples of K's. I respect a tough player but not when his insistence to play at the cost of the teams success.


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