Official! and Joc returns tonight also,

By: Torpedoman

In 3 rehab games at RC, Joc went 1-7 with 3 walks.  

I think that now the heat is on Joc to produce.. He's at .220, only 7 rbi in which 4 happened opening day when he hit his only HR.   I see AGonz D/L stint lengthened if Bellinger continues to produce as dangerously as he started out. If he nosedives into a 5-6-7 game slump then it's back to the drawing board. If Joc continues flailing something else is going to happen be it with Bellinger or Segedin. My hope is that Joc catches fire because of the Bellinger entity on the roster now and knowing that Rob Segedin was up and hot when he unfortunately got injured. The next 10 days are really going to tell us alot I believe..

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