Now, and especially if Bellinger continues

By: Torpedoman

to be dangerous and productive, the factor of Joc's CF capabilities is really lessened because as the roster currently stands Bellinger, Kike, Toles (who unfortunately could eventually be odd man out) Puig, Segedin, and even in a pinch maybe Taylor and Gutierrez can all cover CF good enough if they are producing in the offense. Examine the early season to date, accept for opening day Joc and Yaz are mendoza line players. Throw in the nearly zero production from Gonzales, Utley and Barnes, the first month slump by Toles who has rectified that, similarly with Kike, and the mediocrity explains their position in the standings. To keep a player in the everyday lineup who has pretty much failed on offense for the entire season to date is a disaster, even if his "D" is superlative imo. Even more so if he's  in the middle of the lineup, where in Roberts ever evolving lineup, Joc has also shown up. So in the case with Joc, if we have an OF who can play at least average CF but his hitting 40 plus points (with power) higher, I see Joc in jeopardy even though I really do like and root for him personally. Java is pretty much right on about him, he does seem to have a massive hole in his swing even though his patience at the plate is an improvement. All of this babble by me is an attempt to explain that imo, Cody Bellinger (same with Toles and Segedin when healthy) need to play everyday until either of their production dictates a return to the bench or to AAA. Yaz/Barnes should be in the 8 hole. Utley should be in the organization's coaching ranks.  

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