Toles is the opposite of pederson

By: Java

He's not a great defensive of. Don't think he has Much of an arm Can hit and make contact. Doesn't strike out much at all. Does. It have the power you want for a corner of. But hen again neither does puig. Fortunately in the sabermetrics world that is devalued. But toles does not walk. So he can bat 50 points higher than joc and still have the same oba. It's a very interesting challenge for la there toles looks a lot better to the eye but closer examination puts joc and toles a lot closer. Still. Toles is a rare find. A gift. With he. Joc. Puig. Bellinger. Seager Stripling urias. Baez. La is bringing up and employing at least two high quality contributors each year. That's a lot and a team like this could Elevate quickly at that rate
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