Toles has a great arm, and

By: Torpedoman

can match Joc's speed. You're right though, that Toles is not a guy that walks much. Since platooning at leadoff though, he's been catching a few walks lately I do give the "D" edge to Joc but Toles is an outstanding defender at all 3 OF's. He has decent  power and since playing pretty much regularly, (since the initial start of season slump) he's producing, and has had some really good clutch AB's. If Joc starts to rake, like the 30HR seasons in the minors, his power is better than Toles overall, but Toles hits to all fields, and if he finds the gap, can qute often get 3 bases. So until Joc starts hitting, I think Toles is my pic. Frustrating for me because I'm a really solid Joc fan.


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