Senior day yesterday

By: Java

Son started on hill. Against a team he's owned. 3rd batter in line drive up the middle hits the back of his pitching hand. Hops around. Tries to throw a few warm up pitches and throws them all 8-10 feet up. No grip. Most kids leave to the er for an x ray possible break. Back of his hand actually had a tattoo of the balls seams on it implanted in his skin. Didn't even think of leaving. Went to 1b. Not his usual position. His brother had his back. Came in and threw 5 innings of 1 run ball. Oldest comes to bat bottom 2 and I assumed he'd try to get a walk or hunt. Can't grip w right hand. Bats lefty. In a hs varsity game. Hasn't hit lefty at all. Cage. Bp. Garage. Game In Two years Even blowouts. Drills a smalls shot to rf for an out but it was like wow. Wound up 2-3. Infield hit and a dunker. Plus a walk. During game he's asked repeatedly how he's feeling. Says "I feel like I dont want to talk about it and just want to play the game". Team won 11-4. Was tight early on. His brother stole home while he hit lefty. And I caught it on video. Cool moment. In. 19 games wound up batting .567. 38 hits. 40 runs 43 RBI 46/46 o. Steals. 2K. 13BB 2 of them intentional and 10 doubles. 2 triples. Oba 622. Pitched a bit. Era of 3.21. 1 shutout 24IP 37k 8bb. Pitching isn't really his thing but he did well. Was moved fro The 1 slot to the 3 this year. Had to give up some at bats to move runners along. Thus the strong RBI numbers. Hard transition going from run creator table setter to run producer but after an aborted attempt last year seems to have worked this time
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