USC has made some bad bad recruiting

By: Java

Choices. They gave full rides to rj and Solomon bates rj sucks and I have no idea why they even did that didn't they even work him out? Solomon came to USC and immediately couldn't make grades and was ineligible You can't have that in bb. Not with pitching Then after red shirting Solomon now has an era near 7 Ow. Two Huge mistakes. Family was one of these families that transferred schools all the time. Always maneuvering their kids between travel teams. Solomon doesn't even like Bb much. Shows in his work ethic. Actually lost 2 mph off his fastball after his jr year of hs. Oh but there's more. Kaleb Murphy. A third high desert player. Had fake stats at excelsior. Kid is a hot head and an idiot. Spoiled brat. Mouthy. Rude. And he's rewarded with a scholarship to USC Again. Did they actually see him play or just go off stats? Racked up big stats in division 7!!!!! My kid did that. In fact. Similar stats. So how is old kaleb doing? Batting 167. Yet another recruiting blunder. I could have told you on every one of those 3. And I'm just a local travel coach. Or was So why is USC in the toilet? Whoever is doing the recruiting is lazy Not taking to people. Not using their eyes. I have to imagine if those mistakes were made with every hd kid they got they probably made others with other kids. Similar mistakes
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