Dodger rotation right now needs to be

By: Java

Kershaw. Wood. Maeda. All have pitched well in their last several outings. Hill threw well in his comeback and Urias is young. Growing and you're willing to endure growing pains with s 20 year old. Think ryu and mc carthy are still hurt. Need to do extended simulated games. Maybe spot start if maeda is hurt. Which he's not. And when hills little pinky gets sunburned. Ryu should be traded if there is interest. 30 year old lefty started w friendly contracts under club control for a couple more years have value. His endurance is a question mark. But he can pitch to a 4.0 era and for $8 mil a year tons of clubs will take that. They should be able to get an elite 8th inning set up man for him and they need one because Sergio romo has an era of 8. Jansen is pitching 4 out saves in April and May and that will exhaust him All because la has no trust in the 8th. La also needs to make room for Oakes and Brock Stewart so I'd trade ryu now and if anyone wants them I'd trade either maeda mc carthy or hill at the July deadline. Assuming Oakes and or Stewart can help. Frees up salary and probably can get immediate help in the pen or at 2b or 1b or of. Those arms are valuable commodities for la. Also a chance to save on payroll
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