FO has big dilemma's

By: Torpedoman

Joc hit solidly north of 300 and was a 30/30 guy in minors. He has spurts but seems to get lost, hitting in The Show. Eliminate the production from the opening day game, and the rest of his production has him a candidate for AAA. Last season's 27HR's and his CF skills and above average foot speed keeps the FO's support for him alive.   Nomar was commenting that Joc looks totally lost in the box, his swing is becoming more disjointed from his earlier successes and his biggest fault is his pitch recognition. Gets called strike 3 a large amount of the time. Swings at way too many bad pitches.  I wonder if his mental approach is the issue. They know what he is capable of. RE: Puig... considered by the FO as the most talented player on the 40. What he's capable of is massive. We all know that his biggest weakness is his mentality. I bet that there's long thought process on Yea or Nea with his contract. Especially with the fragility of the RH bats on the bench, I think Puig ain't going anywhere soon now. IMHO, Rob Segedin is the unluckiest kid on the team. If he had any shot at continuous play I think he sticks. RE: Trayce. The FO well remembers his production and the clutch 'walk-offs' from when he was healthy.  His biggest mistake was hiding and trying to play through significant injury, hence his #s went south. Then the too early comeback compounded his problems. There's no way that they're giving up on him just yer. RE: Hatcher.. he managed to keep the ball in the yard last nigh, in a game on the line situation too LOL  

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