Urias is already in the rotation

By: Java

So is Kershaw and Wood.    I am assuming Maeda too and I am guessing you are right with Hill and no one taking his health issues and contract.  They are stuck.


I was wondering what happened with Cotton and Montas.  So they got rid of them AND DeLeon?  Bad stuff IMO.


The kid in High A they have a couple.  Walker Buehler (Buehler?  Buehler?) is one.  But not due to arrive this year.  Stewart and Oakes are ready for MLB and they need to move some arms out of the way for them to contribute.    I am thinking Ryu is the guy who is attractive.  And maybe Mc Carthy though I think he's in the last year of his deal.  Not sure what they could get.  7 starters is a game they are playing either hoping someone actually gets hurt or until someone pitches himself out of contention.  Or until someone offers them a lot for a picher.  They could easily trade TWO starters because they actually have Ross Stripling available too.  And Stewart.  And Oakes.  But those guys can't get a shot with these old broken down arms in front of them.      MLB is not a rehab assignment.


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