Interesting will be if reliever Stewart

By: Torpedoman

who last started a game @6-7 weeks ago in AAA, can come up with a quality start tonight vs Ervin Santana. If the kid is successful, then we'd get a sweep in Kershaw's absence out of ryu, Maeda and Stewart.. Total bottom of the rotation. Probably the same 3 that will get starts at the ATL next week.  

Looking at deadline pitching aquisitions.. Sonny Gray? Yu Darvish? Zach Britton? Brad Hand?  To deal for Darvish, they'd not be giving up significant prospects unless they can sign him to an extension.. probably not going to happen because Darvish becomes FA at seasons end. Doubtful that they want to invest @ $200M+ for him longterm. They won't be simply throwing away any of their top 4 prospects to rent Darvish for only the playoff run. My hunch is that they go after Gray. I also really like Britton.. in both a set-up or emergency closer role.

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