I'm not crazy about Darvish.

By: Dr. Spock

As an Angels fan, I've seen Darvish pitch quite a bit for the Rangers. He can be dominating at times but he can also get rattled and get shelled.  The last 2 seasons he has been in decline.  As a Dodgers fan, I wouldn't want to trade away great prospects for a streaky pitcher for only 2 months who will probably just re-sign with Texas after the season. 

Let's face it, the only reason why we are talking about Darvish is because he might be the best available starter but that doesn't necessarily mean he will be successful with the Dodgers or in the post-season.  From what I can tell, Darvish's post-season numbers leave a lot to be desired (0-2 record, 7 earned runs in 11.2 innings). 

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