Turns out that the incredible DEPTH

By: Torpedoman

in our lineup has come up aces for the FO's planning.

The team's incredible selfless attitude which I attribute to Roberts AND his tremendous STAFF.. has spread and matured within the entire locker room. The way these young pro's go to work each day is uplifting. These guys all (not just think but) actually KNOW that they will most likely succeed. The entire team picks one another up.. with a different player or two seemingly every night. This run is stunning imho!  

Imagine.. Who on the 25 do you want to see replaced "by anyone actually"? Now Kyle Farmer who was raking at OKC, will give Austin Barnes more playing time. The depth in the pipeline is astounding. The brilliant usage of the 10 day D/L has ingeniusly given us @ 26-27-28 man roster lol... Where does AGonz fit in now? .. there's a shload of questions about this current 25 man roster especially now that the entire team is producing beyond expectations!

Although I've been a Dodger Fan since the 50's It's sure being great fun to be a Dodger Fan in 2017 hahaha!    

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