Ever consider moving CT3 to 2B? His

By: Torpedoman

developed natural position. This opens the variables to man the OF especially with Toles/Segedin due back in the spring. If Calhoun wins a roster slot in the spring, CT3 damn sure ain't no slouch in either LF or CF.  Although Forsythe started badly, (mostly attributable to injuries), he's been pretty clutch out of the 5hole since just before the AS break, including a couple of walkoffs, some timely runner advancements and some great range at 2B. Regardless, I think that Taylor must stay in the lineup, and he's become a proven leadoff guy while being amongst the top 10 NL hitters. He also leads the team in OF assists. 

Verdugo's drawbacks, one being power, I certainly believe that the LAD can fix that, however his lacking speed forcasts him not being a CF candidate imho. Of the most regarded prospects, I'd use him before any of the others to satisfy a high caliber trade need. Dodgers have incredible OF depth in the pipeline. 

I think that LAD desperately wants Brock Stewart to step up, down the stretch. He has everything they love, all except for experience. He's not (or he's rarely) faced probably anyone that they might meet in the post season. He could become a devastating weapon moving forward this post season. Time will tell... but as the deadline approaches, I'm starting to get uncomfortable about who we might have to lose to get a mediocre rental that might only end up being a crapshoot.

Regardless, I have incredible trust in our FO.. and certainly understand that they are many steps ahead of we fans lol 

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