What I think

By: Java

I think as you do about Taylor but I and the Dodgers are both concerned he is Kiki Hernandez 2017.  His career chart and this year are totally disconnected.  Last time LA had a guy like this it was Dee Gordon and they felt his numbers were fake.  They traded him and two years later he got busted for steroids.  I love Taylor but is he for real?


Toles is their LF and looks like Puig is a functional and productive RF.  Pederson is looking more and more like a platoon CF, which means Verdugo being lefty means someone is the odd man out.


Forsythe is batting 236.  His OBA is a respectable 358.  But Joc has proven you can't live on low average and high power forever.  Even with a fair number of walks.  FOrsythe walks a bit, that's nice.  NO POWER.  And will those walks continue?  236 is 236.  You need way more than that out of 2B.  You need power, average, great D and speed.  I would say you need 3 of those 4.  For sure 2.  Forstyhe IMO has half of one of those.  I like Taylor at 2B.


To me, Forsythe and Utley move to the future as dead weight.  Mraning they will be traded or let go this off season.  I think Ryu, Mc Carthy and Kazmir will join them in the unemployment line.  So will Ethier.  Most of those are expiring contracts.  Some hopefully are traded.  


Dodgers value versatility.  Not sure how versatile Calhoun is.  But I see some logjams.


Barnes weighs 190.  If they think his D and his hitting warrant, then they can continue to have him be a back up C and a back up 2B.  That may push Calhoun to the side if Taylor is at 2B.  Especially if this C they just brought up sticks.  Means Barnes is Catcher 3 and 2B 2.  And a late inning PH or D replace guy.


Toles, Joc and Puig next year in OF with Bellinger either in OF or 1B pending Gonzo.  Gonzo's bat is dead.  Between age, back and the shift, he's done.  See Ryan Howard.


I am thinking that their IF and utility looks like taylor starting at 2B.  Barnes and Calhoun as IF guys.  Add Bellinger to the OF mix to get 4, except you have too many lefties out there.  


With all of this I don't see room for Verdugo unless they like him better than Joc.  Joc has fallen out of favor, so could be.  SO Verdugo may be curency.  Curious who else they value down on the farm.  


I think in the next couple years they want to see Kershaw, Wood, Buhler, Urias, Stewart and Maeda manning the rotation as Hill mixes in as he fades to retirement next year and 2019.  




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