Tony Watson, lefty

By: Troy Story.

So we went for left reliever, cheaply. Never heard of him, but apparently he was the Pirates closer until recently. That means no Britton and probably no Darvish at this late point.

I've come up with a theory about how the Dodgers FO handles their business. Their ultimate goal is not necessarily winning the World Series, at least in terms of player transactions. It's to have the best team possible over many years, that includes keeping prospects, the pipeline from minors to majors, not gutting the team for expensive names, success year over year, not for just one season. The reason is the regular season has so much inventory of games that the team benefits financially(ticket sales, merchandise) by being in the hunt all the time. Whereas selling out for the World Series is a crapshoot; it can leave you in financial dire straights, depleted minor league system. The winner of the World Series is rarely the team with the best record - it's who's hot, lucky at the right time. Look at the Giants in 2010, 2014, especially 2014. They were the best in one of their three World Series, 2012.

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