Every watch him hit?

By: coachemup!

Ever watch how many bad pitches (that look like D2 college fastballs) are thrown in the minors during every at bat of every game?

Your a Dodger fan right? Guys who were physical specimens like Billy Ashley or Greg Brock (among many others) had MONSTER minor league stats and couldn't hit real pitchers (guys who could change speeds and had control).

Your kid(s) did well in HS baseball right? Mine did too. All-league, all-county (in so cal) went to CIF every year. Played for big club teams (LA Dodger scout team).  They scorched many fastballs and could keep their hands back on off speed pitches. My youngest was a walk on baseball player at UCLA. Doesn't mean he was going to the bigs. 

Want something sad to consider? Think about the number of monster players the Dodgers gave away...Konerko, Beltre (should have paid him a bit more), Piazza (should have paid him a bit more), Pedro Martinez, and they actually renounced the rights to a young guy named Roberto Clemente too...PHUCK!

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