If he so great then pitch him

By: Java

Versus Harper Zimmerman Murphy etc. because he obviously sucks against everyone else. You remind me of coaches surrounding Rey Rodriguez. Rey was a local youth legend. Had the prettiest left handed swing you ever saw. Coaches loved it. Was beautiful. Only one problem. Rey couldn't hit the ball. And for some reasons. Coaches chose to ignore this inconvenient fact. I noticed right away and always used to sarcastically comment after we struck him out. I'd say wow. Look. At the great Rey Rodriguez. Those were three of the prettiest swings you ever did see. Now look at that amazing walk after he heads back to the dugout. So yes. Tony c sucks. His stats don't lie. If he happens to have some situational value great but I wouldn't even count on that. Normal people hit him. Quite well. That's the mark of a bad pitcher
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