I was surprised they gave up

By: Java

As little as they did but. Not thrilled to lose Calhoun for a rental. I'm curious how well thought of the other two are. I was concerned that dervish had a 4+ era because I believe you are your numbers. But it's pretty clear from darvishs reaction. To being coached by dodger coaches and scouts that the dodgers are playing chess while most teams like the rangers are playing checkers And then yu shuts out the mets in ny. A team he has. Not thrown well against. So that opened my eyes and I thought wow ok if this is the yu darvish or a few years ago then omg. Tony walker? We didn't give up much and I think he will be ok. Tony cingrani is dog vomit and doesn't belong on a MLB roster. And don't tell me how he can get out lefties on the road during day games that have high humidity. Lot of guys pencil out that way He's garbage
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