Ethier hot. Gonzalez not. Dodgers

By: Java

Say gonzo will be a bench player playoff time. And so it begins. Next year will the great Adrian g be ok with being a pinch hitter? He has no speed or versatility so the role of bench player does not fit well. ethier lokks like a better left handed hitting option now. But his contract is gone. They are two boat anchors weighing $42 million a year. Would anyone take gonzooff the dodgers hands at any price? Maybe say if la agreed to pay him $15 million of his salary? He doesn't help the team next year and he costs about $23 million. And he already k Les it's his last and they don't want him. So funny. I actually predicted this and didn't look smart at the time Gonzo was coming off his usual hard working off season. Looking great. And no sign of bellinger at the time just looked to me like la was trying to get younger cheaper and more athletic and gonzo didn't fit. Now here we are. Tell you one thing. Between dumping kemp. Greinke. Crawford Anderson and now ethier McCarthy and kazmir la is shedding a lot of salary. I know they are spending some with turner and Jansen but I'd be shocked if that $300 million payroll hasn't been trimmed by $100 million or more very soon
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