Selfish inconsiderate morons that bring

By: San Clemente

their rug rats to a baseball game and their kid gets hit in the face with the ball SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR CHILD NEGLECT AND ABUSE.  


Leave my FAWKING box seats alone.  I don't need a god damn NET. I don't want a god damn net.  If you put up a net you can take my sizeable 5 figure season ticket seats and shove them up your ass.  


Little kids  under little league age have ZERO business on the field level. ZERO.   It's an irritant to other fans. It's fawking RUDE. And it's IRRESPONSIBLE.  Get a baby sitter OR stay Home  you SELFISH pieces of SHIT. 


The SOLUTION is don't let the little animals anywhere near nice field level seats.  NOT to punish everyone else and put up a fawking net. sc 

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