His selfishness put him in the season

By: Torpedoman

long predicament. He was not physically fit to play as far back as last spring. Possibly even further back as his offense #s had been on a 3yr nosedive and his personal pride prevented him from the D/L etc. He was definitely "Mr. warning track", or Mr. Out 4-3, or 4-6-3dp. with higher K stats in that timeframe. Although being injured (forearm/back) in the spring, did not come to the season in playing condition, yet left ST to play for his brother coaching Team Mex in the WBC, where his production was an abomination. Then back to Dodgers ST.. totally lost spring. He gutted it out playing in pain until the team finally D/L'd him.. His basic contribution was other way against the shift base hits, and no power on significance. I'm personally glad that he's not going to be taking a spot in the playoff 25.

Bottom line though.. I must give him props (in addition to his great and lengthy career) as he did the 'pro' thing and finally put the team ahead of his ego.. by stepping down. (I'd still bet that he was quietly informed, so that he could step down with pride. Dodgers will owe him $21.5mm for next season.. betting it's a roster slot buy out!  

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