I have often suggested and they've dabbled

By: Java

A little with the concept of split games. Imo they should start wood and let him go three. Or 4. He's very good a time or two through the lineup. Then since ryu is not a bullpen guy because he takes 1-2 hours to warm up because of his rehab? I start to warm him up when the game starts. Stretch him In the playoffs the 4th or 5th inning will be at about the 1.5 hour mark. I think pitch ryu for maybe 3 If he fails it's ok. You still have your pen. If the combo is successful you get 6-8 innings out of good arms And don't tax the pen. The two Tony's suck and I'm aghast they've kept them thus far. But split the game and you've got a really solid starter. My only regret is that one is not a righty. It would be great to turn that whole lineup around after only one maybe two times through the order and force that for another few innings. Force changes or bad at bats early
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