I called that when he threw the first pitch.

By: Devil Diver Down

The look in Walker's eyes showed me all I needed to know. I told my sons, "The moment is too big for him." My oldest one cracked back, "What?!?" like I was making something up and I explained myself. Four runs and no outs later, my oldest understood perfectly what I meant. The same thing happened to Game 2 starter Ray - couldn't find the strike zone, couldn't harness his good shit when it mattered.

Hopefully the Boys in Blue can close out things tonight, shelling Greinke and ragdolling the rest of the Arizona 'pen as they've been doing. Would love to see the shellshocked look on DBag fans' faces after all of the boasting I heard leading up to this series. Get everyone rested and then kick ass on the Nationals or Cubs.

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