I'm the same. My wife loooooves

By: Java

Going to a sports bar to watch a game. I'm incredulous. I'm like um. Ok. So you like people constantly walking in front of you so you can't see the tv. You like the sound being down and hearing nothing. You like all the other screens distracting. You like the waitress continually interrupting. You like the pressure to give up the booth. You like all the distracted people who don't give a crap and fans of the OTHeR hedonistic satanic team? She looks at me either about to laugh or cry and she's like um. Yeah? I watched USC Texas in fort worth in my hotel room. Hot little 30 year old sports bat waitress friend of ours offered me a table at the hottest sports bar in town for that game and for myriad reasons i turned her down. Wound up spending most of that game punching pillows
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