Kenley should've stayed low against Goldschmidt

By: Devil Diver Down

anything up is trouble with that guy, even though Jansen has incredible movement on his cutter. As a former longtime catcher, I definitely wouldn't throw him a curveball - you don't go with your 3rd best pitch (even though it's VERY good) so you can pitch to a hitter's strength. I think KJ was just too jacked to be able to keep the ball down, but I'd bet that was the plan against Goldschmidt: Don't give him anything easy to elevate. I was very surprised to see the full count pitch outside the zone - even more surprised Goldschmidt chased it - but it was a classic way to end a very good series. As Luvullo said after the game last night, the Dodgers were the better team and it showed.

In a lot of ways, I think the DBags were the Dodgers' toughest competition in the NL. LA is playing damn good baseball right now and I'm LOVING it!

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