Yeah, too bad.

By: Dr. Spock

The NLCS starts Saturday in LA, no matter when the next 2 games between the Cubs and the Nats are played.

Hopefully, the Nats win tomorrow in Chicago which means a deciding game 5 Thursday and they all have to fly to DC to play game 5, probably within 24 hours of game 4 ending.  Then the winner of that game has to quickly turn around and fly from DC to LA to get ready for the 1st game of the NLCS Saturday. 

All the while, the Dodgers' pitchers are resting and people are getting healthier.  Whether it's the Cubs or the Nats, the next series is going to be a dog fight.  Both teams have great starting pitching.  Hopefully, they get used up in the next 2 games and can't be used until game 3 of the NLCS next Tuesday.

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