By: Java

8th inning.  Maddon making his genius moves of course.   Pulls Lester.  Next guy walks two   Ruh Roh.  Quick, bring closer in here.  Davis!  Think on a 3-2 count the 8 hole  Taylor, the little CF goes BIG BANG, for a 5-0 lead.  Davis follows that up with a walk and a single before they yank Davis without even getting an out.  That was a dagger.


Series now will head back to DC and Washington dodged a huge bullet here it seems.  No clue who will throw for either team.  I suppose Tanner Roarke for the Nats.  O, Kyle Hendricks has only thrown once.  WOW.  That's a huge advantage for the Cubs in game 5.  I am surprised they didn't use him in game 4.  Myabe they had that much confidence in Arrieta at home.  pitched well.  Just to me hard to resist throwing your ace.

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