Tells me nothing. Ok. It tells me that

By: Java

Houston was willing to suck. Badly for 7 years and lose over 100 games 4 years in a row like the Philadelphia 76ers to accumulate talent and draft picks. The dodgers had no such patience and spent whatever they could to be competitive and satisfy their fans fast. Thank goodness. 5 straight no titles. 5 straight years of winning. Remarkable. 5 straight summers of first place. 5 straight summers of Cy Young mvp and rookie of year discussions. To get there they had to acquire people like Adrian Gonzales. A solid player w a $22 million salary. And they further had to take on josh Beckett. Bronson arroyo and Carl Crawford’s salaries. They had to sign guys like Anderson. Mc carthy. Forsythe utley. That’s what ballooned the payroll. Then they had to re sign kershaw. That’s $30 mil. And Jansen. Turner. Hill. Payroll was over $300million they got it down when Crawford kemp and other salaries dropped off. Kansas City also had a small payroll and nownrhey Head back to the bottom of the totem pole as they can’t sustain it and all their talent leaves. Stan Kasten knows what he’s doing. Knows how to build long term excellence. The dodger way is the old brave way. It may not ensure championships every year. Nothing does. But it ensures being in the hunt every year and thus having a shot. And likely ending with one or two along the way
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