Can you have a success w/o a championship?

By: Devil Diver Down

In a case where your payroll is higher than every other MLB team, I say no - not really. You can argue that the Dodgers built some important experience in this Series, but what experience did Houston have? Experience doesn't matter as much as will and skill. In the end, the Astros had both and the Dodgers showed very little of either in Game 7.

AJ Hinch was fired by the bumbling DBags, for crying out loud. And he completely outmanaged Dave Roberts in the Series. Game 2 will forever stick out in my mind as a game lost by Roberts, even though we had chances to tack on insurance runs and failed to do so - we lost that game by overmanaging and a gross mismanagement of the pitching staff. Will this experience teach Roberts anything or is he too clueless to learn from it? Game 5 was much the same, although that umpire should never be allowed to ump anything above T Ball level again.

Congrats to the Astros and their fans. Dodger fans start the clock again, 30 years and counting.

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