10 teams make the playoffs.

By: Java

If you make the playoffs every year your odds of winning the World Series is one every ten years. The dodgers have made the playoffs five years in a row. It’s just a game of numbers. I’m personally glad they are in the hunt every year and know that if they are their time will come. What I find funny is that everyone was so excited to get to the World Series and celebrate it. Then people have a trantrjm they didn’t get the big prize. It would be like northwestern in 1995 when they had a miracle season. Went to the rose bowl and ifnall theirnalimni has a fit because they didn’t finish the miracle and win it. Saidnit was pointless. Worthless. A lost season. Ok n think that way if you want. It’s like the people who say the cfb season is a complete waste unless your teams wins the nc. That makes for a pretty unhappy life since if youre lucky your team will win a couple times in your life
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